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One of the strongest, most competitive, and longest lasting pad drivers ever put on the market.There are a lot of different types, and brands of pad drivers out there. I like to cut through all the hype, here's one of the strongest, most competitive, and longest lasting units ever put on the market. 

  • Based on a very strong propylene block, which uses 1/4 x 20 machine screws to hold the clutchplate and riser securely together, for the life of the unit. No more wobbly/broken risers  right in the middle of a job  .
  • When you need the least amount of trouble, buy the right one the first time .
  • Ours stay together, forever. Still not convinced? Just weigh 'em, ours is heavier.
  • Add an optional centerlocking device, and your pad is not only centered, it's held directly to your pad driver till you remove it.

Trivia: Gunn Brush Co. came up with the idea for the bristle style pad driver, after years of building pad drivers with the 3M rubber driver material. The short rubber nubs on the 3M didn't hold pads as well as the short bristles. We had the now defunct Zimmerman Brush Co ( from Chicago) build the "Permagrip", and they've been in steady production for over 4 decades now.

By the way, 3M caught on, and made the magnificent "Instalok" pad driver, which has never been equaled. However, it was discontinued about 5 years ago.


Permagrip Pad Driver

Permagrip Pad Driver

Permagrip Pad drivers are used to hold floor pads to your machine. They are never intended to be used on the floor without a pad, ( and doing so will damage the bristles quickly ). We highly recommend the short bristle style, which we call the "PermaGrip" pad driver. These units are practically indestructible, and offer many years of service , no matter how hard they get used. If filled up with stripping gunk, just pressure wash them clean.

For sizing, these work best when they are even with the edge of your floor buffer, (they have a spacer riser that is included, which allows the Permagrip to fit this way). Then you would use a floor pad that is one inch wider than your pad driver, ie 17" Model machine takes a 16" Permagrip, and you use a 17" floor pad.

We do carry other styles of pad drivers, most notably for Dual speed (clutchplate driven), and Ultra High Speed Burnishers (these are bolted onto the machine). We can also repair many pad drivers, just by installing new face material or whatever the job may call for.

Perma-grip Pad Driver 10-19
Perma-grip Pad Driver 20-22
Add a Grey Centerlock Device

Dual Speed Pad Drivers - The Smooth Running Rubber Backed 660

Dual Speed Pad Drivers - The Smooth Running Rubber Backed 660 "Sure Lok" Series.

These pad drivers are designed to run smoothly at the higher 300 -350 rpms of many dual speed machines. Another plus is that each  be replaced singly when it wears out. We stock each component, and can sell them individually as the need arises. We recommend that you keep these two inches below model size, as the rubber riser can flex enough to allow rubbing of the face, which can shorten the life span.

  • Complete package includes clutchplate, as well as a centerlocking device mounted beneath .
660 Dual Speed/High Speed Pad Driver


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